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Executive Positions

PESCA needs you

Your Community Association needs people like you to run it.
The commitment is minimal but it ensures that the views and concerns of the Bay Ridges residents are known and understood and you can be the link that we need.

Here is where you can get involved and make a difference.
If you are interested in any of the positions, simply like more information or have any questions, email us at contactus@pesca.ca.

Positions and Responsibilities:


  • Is the Chief representative and spokesperson of the Association
  • Is an ex-officio member of all committees
  • To call and chair the meetings of the Association

Vice President:

  • To assist the president in his/her duties
  • To perform the duties of the president in his/her absence


  • To deposit all funds in the name of the Association in a Chartered Bank, or an accredited Credit Union, as chosen by the Executive
  • To keep an account of all monies received and spent by the Association
  • To pay all authorized accounts and expenses incurred by the Association
  • To submit a current status of accounts at each Executive Meeting
  • To present a detailed Annual Financial Report at the Annual General Meeting
  • To present a detailed audited Financial Statement to the Executive members once a year in the first quarter following the close of a fiscal year
  • To present a budget for the consideration of the Executive at their first meeting of each calendar year


  • To record, and keep on file, the minutes of the Executive Meetings and Annual General Meetings
  • To attend to all correspondence as required, and keep same on file.

Publicity Director:

  • To promote and publicize the Association and its Objectives within the community using all available media opportunities
  • To promote and publicize the Association's programmes, activities, sponsorships and meetings
  • To arrange the publication and distribution of a periodic information newsletter. To arrange periodic publication and distribution of the Association's information, progress and achievements.

Programme Director:

  • To control, allocate and monitor the rental of the East Shore Community Centre facilities within the Association's control
  • To oversee all programmes presented by the Association

Fund Raising Director:

  • To solicit donations, grants and contributions from individuals, groups, businesses and other organizations in order to permit the Association to carry on its Objectives.


  • To attend and participate in meetings
  • To assume other duties as required.