Road Watch

Road Watch

Do something about aggressive
driving! REPORT IT!

The ROAD WATCH program is a community initiative started as a result of the high number of fatal vehicle collisions that occurred in the Caledon Area.

AWARENESS, EDUCATION and ENFORCEMENT are the goals of the ROAD WATCH program.

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The ROAD WATCH program gives residents and visitors an opportunity to help keep our community roads safe by reporting dangerous, aggressive driving.

Citizen Report Form
have been designed to give police services the necessary information to appropriately deal with acts of unsafe driving.

There are three main components to the ROAD WATCH program, AWARENESS, EDUCATION AND ENFORCEMENT. We all know that enforcement alone will not work. We must involve people to take ownership of the problems of dangerous, aggressive driving so that they can be part of the solution and modify their behaviour and attitudes.

ROAD WATCH encourages citizens to participate in a program to improve road safety in their community by reporting unsafe driving behaviours and "hot spots" in the community where unsafe driving habits are common occurrences. Citizen report forms have been designed to give police services the necessary information to appropriately deal with the acts of unsafe driving.

Community members and motorists are asked to complete a Citizen Report Form when they observe a motorist demonstrating unsafe driving behaviour. The forms must be signed and made as complete as possible.

This signed form helps safeguard the system against abuse. This is for statistical use only and is held in the strictest of confidence by the police service. The completed forms are placed in one of many secure drop boxes that are conveniently located throughout the community at participating and/or sponsoring business and/or organizations.

The Citizen Report Forms can also be faxed to your local police service. The completed forms are picked up on a regular basis and are verified by the police for accuracy. The police will send an "information letter" to the registered vehicle owner explaining that their vehicle was observed being operated in an unsafe manner at a specific time and location and asking for voluntary compliance.

If the vehicle owner was not driving their vehicle it is their responsibility to speak with the person driving the vehicle. If the vehicle owner wishes they can contact the police to discuss the incident. If further Citizen Report Forms are received on the same vehicle further letters will be written to the registered vehicle owner and personal contact by the police will be made.

The ROAD WATCH program encourages the community to take responsibility for their driving behaviour and attitudes. It does work. The components of AWARENESS and EDUCATION take some work but are worth the effort. We have seen excellent results when the program is implemented properly.